Creating a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members. By joining you are able to connect with the world's professionals to make yourself more productive and successful.

Post articles about business items that will educate your feed about your business. Your feed is the list of people that you have connected with, in other words, have become LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will assist you by importing your contact list if you allow it.  Otherwise you can also send out individual invitations.

LinkedIn makes it easy to fire off a quick note when you are notified or birthdays, new jobs and job anniversaries everyday.

Just click and a message pops up for you or you can type something more personal.  It even keeps track of all of your messages for you.

Creating a LinkedIn Page for your business

A LinkedIn Page can be the voice of your organization on LinkedIn. It allows other LinkedIn members to learn more about your business or school, brand, products and services, and job opportunities. To connect with members on LinkedIn as an organization, you must have a LinkedIn Page.

Before creating a Page for your school (including high schools) or company, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn profile with your real first and last name. Page creation is currently available on desktop only.

You are able to make posts or publish articles on your profile or company page to be seen by your feed.

Individual or group classes are available for LinkedIn page construction.  Call 860-984-6762 to set an appointment.


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